Obama Launches Re-Election Campaign

Current president Barack Obama announced this morning that he was officially launching his re-election campaign with a new logo and new website.  Additionally, I’ve already started to see some paid search ads running on Google related to the new website.

The move comes a full 20 months before the 2012 election, and before any conservatives formally launch campaigns, although several are expected to soon.

This brings up one of the most annoying aspects to me of political campaigns–running campaigns while you’re already in office.  Whether it’s a re-election campaign for a position, or campaigning for an improved position (which might even be worse), it’s my belief that if you’re running a campaign, you can’t really be focusing on the job that you were elected (or hired) to do.

Granted, in this case I’m sure that Obama has a lot of people managing the details for him as far as picking the logo and building the plan for the website.  But presumably this means he has spent time in meetings recently focusing on messaging and language to use for his 2012 campaign–time that would be better spent trying to solve some of the many, many issues in the world right now.

So what’s my solution to this situation, since presumably I would be facing the issue myself in the 2020 election?

Well, personally, it would be my goal to be such an awesome president that I wouldn’t even really have to campaign.  But even if I wasn’t that popular, the focus of my campaign efforts would be around the simple message that “You’ve seen the direction we’re headed, and either you’re comfortable with it, or you’re not–vote based on that.”

No campaign tours that last months on end.  No setting aside important policy discussions to focus on keeping the job. And definitely no shenanigans like the delaying announcements or trying to game gas prices to make it more likely that I keep the job.

Outside of that, I would definitely consider pushing for some changes to policies to make sure that ALL politicians focus on the jobs they currently have, including:

  • Term limits for all elected political positions
  • Changing terms some of certain elected positions–potentially including the Presidency
  • Encouraging laws (potentially at the state level) to prohibit seated congresspeople (and Governor’s) from pursuing new positions while seated–in other words, if that House Representative wants to go after a Senatorial position, or a Senator wants to become President, then step down so that your district/state is still getting the representation that they deserve.

I’m sure this would require some discussion/tweaking to make it work right, but it seems like one area that some simple changes could be made that might actually start making politicians people that I don’t immediately distrust, simply because of their position–which seems like a move in the right direction.

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